Once you have found the perfect house to buy, it is important to have it undergo a pre purchase inspections on the Gold Coast to ensure that you are well aware of the overall condition of the property and will not end up with some nasty and possibly expensive surprises.

These are some of the benefits:

  • Defects

Finding out about all the existing problems with an existing house from the small details like cracked tiles and scratched paint to ill closing door and windows and to a major damage in the subfloor, ceiling or inside the walls that is not obvious to a casual observer

  • The knowledge to make an informed decision

When you have all the details and know the exact state of a building as well as possible problems there may or may not be, then you are in a better position to make a decision on whether the property is right for you or you should look for another

  • Increased bargaining power

If your inspection uncovers some defects that may detract from the value of the property, then with this knowledge, you are in a good position to bargain down the price to compensate for the difference

  • Safety benefits

You can satisfy yourself that the building is in a satisfactory state and that there are no safety issues that could present a danger to your family, your possessions or the property once you move in

Areas to ask for a pre-purchase inspection on the Gold Coast

There are some additional areas that you should include in the pre-purchase inspection, these include:

  • Boundary fences, outside walls
  • Driveways, paths and steps
  • Drains and sewer outlets and any other sanitation on the property
  • Garages, sheds, outside toilets laundries and carports

These all need to be inspected as well

  • Swimming pools including security pool fences and other legal requirements
  • Outside security measures, including cameras, burglar or intruder alarms, night lighting, spotlights and fire alarms
  • Air condition and central heating units
  • Solar panels, battery banks and associated equipment
  • External gas tanks and electrical cabling
  • Internet access and coverage
  • A full pest report should also be included

All these must be specified or they may not be included in the report.

The inspector will also notify you of any areas where they consider it is necessary to get a specialised report on any potential issues they may come across, such as structural issues, water problems, drainage, electrical issues, problems with boundaries or any other areas that they feel need to be further investigated. They will refer you to the relevant Geo technical engineer, structural engineer, electrical supply authority, water supply authority, property surveyor, or pest inspection service so you can get any necessary reports or inspections done

Armed with this comprehensive report the buyer can discuss with the different specialists the things required to fix any defects or problems and ask the seller to rectify the problems before the sale goes through or reduce the price accordingly.

Having pre-purchase inspections done on the Gold Coast means that you can be sure that any property you wish to buy is in a sound condition and you will not have any unpleasant or expensive surprises when you move in