Termites are nature’s cleaners; they eat vegetation, turning it into rich humus supporting the ecosystem. The best way to get rid of them is to use a termite treatment on the Gold Coast.

Termites eat cellulose from plants. They will eat boxes, wallpaper, books, carpet backing, drywall, cotton, clothing and furniture. We humans provide them a great new alternative place to live.

Termites create their colonies close to a good food source with plenty of moisture,  the five things we do to attract termites are:

  1. Piles of Wood

Piles of wood near your home is an open invitation to termites. First, they move into the woodpile, then migrate into your home. If you want a good supply of firewood at home, it’s best to stack it at least 10 meters from your building and 150cm above the ground

  1. Excess Foliage

Having a nice garden against the house can look very appealing to us and it’s also appealing to termites. If you have any dead trees or stumps around these will attract termites and give them easy an passage to your house. Remove all dead wood and do not use timber sleepers around your garden within 10 meters of any buildings

  1. Mulch Gardens

A Mulch Garden is a great idea and perfect in the hot climate of the Gold Coast, it holds moisture and provides a great food source for a multitude of beneficial microbes and insects and of course termites. They love it and indeed are really great at turning your mulch into a rich garden, but if you allow them within 10 meters of your buildings they will find a way inside

  1. Trees, branches and leaves

Any tree limbs, branches or leaves that can brush against your building or roof can become a highway for termites to get in. Once in, they will find ways to make tunnels back to their colony. Having all vegetation regularly trimmed and cleared away will make it much more difficult for them to migrate to your home

  1. Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters around the roof are like a Smörgasbord for termites. A hard to resist environment with the buildup of twigs, leaves and moisture to rot your roof and provide the perfect entry point for millions of these very destructive creatures. They will come  into areas of your home that you’re not even aware have been invaded until it’s too late and damage has been done. The regular cleaning of gutters will eliminate this problem

Signs of Termites

  • Wings

If you see piles of insect wings around entrance ways, it’s a sure sign termites are around. They shed their wings once they find a mate

  • Mud Tubes

Termites have soft bodies and need to remain moist so build mud tubes to travel around when not inside the safety of the wood they are eating, so call for termite treatment on the Gold Coast


Termite Droppings are called frass, small brown pellet shaped piles which means you have termites around


Humans invite termites into their homes because they destroy their habitat and then provide an ideal alternative by leaving wood and other vegetation to attract them. Call the guys who do termite treatments on the Gold Coast to have them removed