The most effective and cost-efficient method to make your home pest proof is to call in a pest control agency on the Gold Coast to help you.

But if you prefer to do it yourself, then these five tips will make it less inviting for bugs and other pests:

  1. Repair and seals any cracks, holes or openings

Bugs and other pests will get in through any hole or crack they find, so the first thing you need to do is block their entrance ways.

Start inside going around the basement or floor area and seal all cracks and holes. Use a caulking compound around all pipes and wires that enter the building. Cracks in cement or brickwork should be sealed with mortar or a suitable silicon sealer. Check the skirting boards on the floor area and architraves at ceiling level.

Go outside and check the exterior for any cracks or holes and fill them. Utility meters, vents in the laundry and bathroom and air conditioners all make good entry points so need to be checked. Weather boards and stripping can have welcoming cracks, areas around doors and windows, screens and weather flashings all need to be checked and sealed where needed.

  1. Reduce their available food supply

Bugs like to share your home because it provides them with shelter and food, so keeping your kitchen clean and not leaving food scraps, crumbs or dirty dishes around you reduce the available food. If there is no food they will look for it elsewhere and leave you alone.

  1. Bugs and other pests need moisture, so keep it dry

When you have leaky pipes or fittings it provides moist or wet areas, another, basic thing insects and other pests need to survive. A leaky roof will provide a lovely playground for all manner of life in your ceiling or walls. Cockroaches love damp areas and find it hard to survive when it’s very dry as do most other pests. If you have a leak where water comes in, it’s also big enough for pests.

  1. A cluttered and untidy yard invites pests

If there are areas outside where insects and pests can hide, then they are getting closer to your home and will try and find a way inside. Long grass, decaying leaves and any other things lying around will be attractive to bugs and other insects as well as rodents. This can also attract snakes that prey on them. Doing a regular cleanup outside helps prevent pests going inside.

  1. Build an insectary and attract birds

Not all bugs are bad, in fact, some are very beneficial, a dragonfly will eat over 1,000 mosquitoes each day. Building areas near your home with plants that attract predator insects is a great natural way to control pests and look after the environment. Having a bird bath and feeding station helps to control pests as well.

The local pest control company on the Gold Coast will come and advise you on ways you can protect your home from being invaded by pests in the future and check to see if you already have a problem before it gets out of hand. They offer cost-effective and safe solutions to protect your home and family