Most people would like to live in a pest free environment, but dread using chemicals to achieve this. The guys who do building and pest inspection on the old Coast have put together these five pest control tips for every household

  • Seal all Openings and Entrance ways

Even the smallest crack can potentially be a gateway for pests to squeeze in

These areas are worth focusing on:

Repair any broken insect screens on doors or windows as well as air vents

Recaulk around windows and doors, water, wire and other utility inlets and outlets

Place a door sweep on the base of all exterior doors

These physical barriers will not only keep bugs out, but help reduce your energy bills by keeping your home well insulated

  • Store Your Food in the Correct Way

Store Food Correctly (including pet food)

Use airtight, food safe containers, once you break the seal on packaged food, it must be resealed when placing in storage and the outside of containers cleaned

Limit Your Eating Places

It’s best to always eat at the dining table or kitchen table. Sitting in a lounge chair and watching TV while you eat is sure to cause some spilled foods or crumbs and these are very hard to detect or remove.

Do the Dishes Regularly

By doing the dishes and putting them away clean as soon as possible after eating you reduce the amount of available food for pests. Pests love standing water and dirty dishes. If you don’t want to do the dishes straight away the rinse and place them in your dishwasher so pests can’t find them

Clean Eating Areas after Each Meal

Even for those with the best table manners, a few crumbs can be spilled, so a good cleaning is in order after each meal

  • Proper Trash Disposal

Pests love your trash and if you leave it around they will love your place too. These few tips will help eliminate them:

Have close, sealing lids on rubbish and recycling bins and keep them clean

Rinse the recyclables before going in the bin to reduce odour

Have a good outside place to store rubbish bins that are away from the buildings

  • Be mindful of Your Outdoor Areas

The outdoors are where pests are so by keeping your outside area clean, tidy and free of places pests like, you reduce the chances of them entering your home.

Some places to consider are:

Wood Piles should be stored away from buildings, if possible raised off the ground and made so air can freely circulate around them.

Gardens, bushes and trees touching or near your house is like a pest super highway inside, so keep them well trimmed and away.

Standing water also attracts many pests, some like to live in it or breed while all pests need fresh water almost daily, so if it’s removed then the pests will go too

  • Let the Experts Handle It

Sometimes it’s best to call building and pest inspection companies on the gold Coast to control any pests you may have

If you keep your place clean, well-sealed and free of unprotected food and moisture, then pest will not find it attractive so will look elsewhere for somewhere to live. Keeping outside tidy also respells pests